Candidates for enrollment into the Mystros Barber Academy’s programs need a high school diploma, GED (or equivalent), and must be a minimum age of 17. Candidates for the Cosmetology Operator Crossover program must have a current Cosmetology Operator’s license.


The Instructor Program candidate must at least 18 years of age; have a high school diploma; GED (or equivalent); and have a valid Class “A” Barber license.


Candidates who do not have a diploma or GED may take an entry test to show their ability to benefit from the program.


A candidate may register at any time by setting up an appointment with the Admissions Department at the Academy.  All classes begin twice each month.


Transfer students are accepted. Please ask us about it!



  • Class A Barber (Full Time) - 1500 hours

  • Class A Barber Crossover - 300 hours

  • Barber Instructor Course - 500 hours



  • High School Diploma


  • GED or its equivalent


  • Valid State Issued Identification


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