Candidates for enrollment into the Mystros Barber Academy’s programs need a high school diploma, GED (or equivalent), and must be a minimum age of 17. Candidates for the Cosmetology Operator Crossover program must have a current Cosmetology Operator’s license.


The Instructor Program candidate must at least 18 years of age; have a high school diploma; GED (or equivalent); and have a valid Class “A” Barber license.


Candidates who do not have a diploma or GED may take an entry test to show their ability to benefit from the program.


A candidate may register at any time by setting up an appointment with the Admissions Department at the Academy.  All classes begin once a month.


Transfer students are accepted. Please ask us about it!



  • Class A Barber (Full Time) - 1000 hours

  • Class A Barber Crossover - 300 hours

  • Barber Instructor Course - 500 hours



  • High School Diploma


  • GED or its equivalent


  • Valid State Issued Identification