Mystros Barber Academy, owned by International Skills, Inc., is a non-profit organization.  The school, which opened in 2012, is located at 1434 Cypress Creek Parkway, Suite B, Houston, 77069 is on the north side of Houston.  The school suite occupies approximately 4000 square feet within a commercial and shopping area building.


Mystros Barber Academy maintains a tradition of excellence in preparing its undergraduates for creative work in the barber industry.  Its curriculum is designed to prepare an individual for entry, development, and promotion in the barber field.  As a result, Mystros Barber Academy has a well-established history of providing exceptional services to its communities.


The school is designed to best accommodate three areas of instruction:  Theory, Practical, and Clinical work.  All areas are fully equipped with modern barbering stations and equipment to serve the public.




The mission of Mystros Barber Academy is to produce the best-licensed graduates, in the field of barbering. The ultimate mission is to ensure that graduates are prepared to finish school, get licensed, enter the job market and succeed. 






Mystros Barber Academy maintains the philosophy that students come to the Academy for educational enhancement, skill development, and career advancement.  The belief in the equal opportunity of all students, reinforced with excellence in training, and placement assistance in secure, productive positions, has enabled the graduates to become enterprising professionals and business owners.






The objectives of the school are to


  1. To produce the best-licensed graduates.

  2. To create a reputation for upholding the highest ethical standards and providing a quality education for all students.

  3. To develop self-discipline, self-reliance, and self-direction in all of the students.

  4. To become well-known and successful in the barber and beauty industry.

  5. To have graduates enter the national workforce as productive and successful individuals.